Founding Supporters

In the rush to launch this website, this news post will serve as a very small thank you to our Founding Supporters. With Chénchenstway, the testing and development of Decolonizing Practices has been supported with feedback, ideas, encouragement, space to meet, funding and radical skill sharing from the following generous people and organizations.

Chen kw’enmantúmiyap 
Chief Janice George, L’hen Awtxw Weaving House; Latash Maurice Nahanee, Squamish Elder; Professor Kirsten McAllister, SFU Communications; carla bergman, EMMA Talks; Chris Corrigan, Harvest Moon Consulting; Caitlin Frost, The Art of Hosting Bowen Island; Corrina Keeling, Love Letters for Everybody; Amanda Fenton Consulting; Diana Day, Pacific Association of First Nations Women; Kiri Bird, LEDLAB; Chastity Davis, Chastity Davis Consulting; Tamara Connell, Radius SFU; Alexander Dirksen, First Nations Technology Council; Lauren Kelly, First Nations Technology Council; Theo Lamb, Social Change Institute; Laura Mannix; Elfred Matining, Art Starts; Leah Horlick, Art Starts; Emira Mears, Social Venture Institute and Raised Eyebrow Web Studio; Adrian Sinclair, Transformation Projects; Tasha Sutcliffe, EcoTrust; David Vertesi, Vancouver Mural Festival; Jasmine Winter, First Nations Technology Council; Tasha Nijjar, Kwi Awt Stelmexw; Khelsilem, Kwi Awt Stelmexw; Marissa Nahanee Consulting;  Aaron Joseph, The 567 Social Media; and Char Seward; Raven House Society. Our hands are up in gratitude for  The Circle Way New Initiatives grant for their contribution towards our team planning and development session at The Circle Way Tofino on unceded ƛaʔuukwiiʔatḥ territories.

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