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Our Launch at SVI Vancouver!

Social Venture Institute Vancouver was the perfect ecosystem to share a custom mod of our Decolonizing Practices for Community Organizations workshop. We were inspired to head into brave space with Vancouver’s social innovators on Thursday, April 18! We presented from 3pm to 5pm with four amazing facilitators: Michelle Nahanee, Lauren Kelly, Marissa Nahanee and Emira Mears.  #SVI2018

Here are some quotes from participants:

“I will have more courage to engage in conversations about decolonization … to seek to understand other peoples’ perspectives + where they’re coming from – to open the door a bit more, to be ok with discomfort and not having all the answers.”

“This was the most compassionate experience I’ve ever had.”

“If you care about creating systemic change in Canada, if you care about taking action to make reconciliation a reality, you need to participate in this exercise. Whether it’s with your team, family or your friends, Michelle’s workshop will profoundly change the way you show up in the world.” Urszula Lipsztajn

Here’s a link to a 4 minute video of Michelle’s workshop introduction.

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